Git ‘Er Done!

Friday, November 10, 2017
by Patrick Dorinson

As soon as the race for governor in Virginia was called for the Democrats on Tuesday night, the liberal media-an oxymoron if there ever was one- giddily declared that this was a triumph over Trump and the beginning of the end for Republicans.

And the Republican so-called strategists and pundits who get paid by that same said media to trash their own voters on CNN and MSNBC began rending their garments and putting on their sack cloth and ashes costumes as they wailed what this one event portended for 2018.

One of the leaders of this pack of jackals, Karl Rove, wrote in the Wall Street Journal his version of events complete with his usual tiresome analysis of poll numbers and what they meant for the Republican future.

Mind you this is the same Karl Rove who predicted a Romney victory in 2012 and a Trump defeat in 2016 based on his mastery of polling data.

Never Trump Washington political consultants who make their living looking at their clients watches and then telling them what time it is before stealing the watch, resigned themselves to defeat in next year.

The 2018 midterms are a full year away but they have already thrown in the towel.

I’m sure glad these folks weren’t at Valley Forge lest we still be subjects of the British crown and Queen Elizabeth instead of George Washington would be on our money.

But I hate to inform Washington and its self-important citizenry, most Americans don’t get up every day on worry about politics and elections.

They worry about their families, their jobs and their future. Period.

And Republican voters in Virginia were less than enthusiastic for Ed Gillespie but that blame rests squarely on the Republican Congress who can’t seem to fulfill the campaign promises they have run on for 8 years.

If Beltway Republicans spent half as much time doing their jobs as they do worrying about re-election they wouldn’t be in this fix.

Perhaps these self-centered egotists many of whom don’t like the President are worried that he and not they will get the credit if they pass tax cuts that will stimulate the economy and set us on the path to the kind of economic growth the millennial generation has never seen in their lifetimes.

Because after all claiming credit for merely doing one’s job is what their consultants always tell them they need to do. Too bad they don’t claim blame when things go wrong. Then it is always someone else’s fault.

But they need to remember the two signs that Ronald Reagan had on his desk in the Oval Office when he was president.

The first one said, “There is no limit to what a man can do or where he can go if he does not mind who gets the credit”.

Reagan came from a different era before selfies and the rampant self-centered behavior of today’s world.

 But as we observe Veteran’s Day this year we should remember that like Reagan those who served this country in uniform in both war and peace were not worried about who got the credit.

In both instances they knew that if they didn’t pull together as a team and do what needed to be done, the nation might not survive and their loved ones back home might lose this precious gift we received from those who came before us.


If you do your job well that is credit enough.

So here is your Cowboy Wisdom for the Week and it is the quote on the second sign that was on President Reagan’s desk.

“It CAN Be Done”.

As the debate on tax reform gets underway, Republicans should burn this phrase in their brains and start every meeting in their deliberations with these words.

Forget politics, forget re-election and tell your consultants to take an early holiday vacation.

Who knows if you don’t worry about who gets the credit and if you deliver on your promises you might be amazed how far you can go next year.

So as Larry the Cable Guy says, “Git ‘er done”!