Hillary Clinton Meets the Sheeple

Friday, April 17, 2015
by Patrick Dorinson

Last Sunday after much reflection Hillary Clinton descended from her own private Mt. Olympus in the elitist enclave of Chappaqua, New York and told America that she would be offering herself as a candidate for President in 2016.

Her announcement was a foregone conclusion and outside of her loyal supporters it was met with a collective shrug of the shoulders from the voters. Even some members of the liberal wing of the pundit class were underwhelmed.

In her announcement video were everyday Americans talking about their aspirations for the future filmed in black and white.

Then at the end Hillary comes on in living color and says that she wants to be the champion for the middle class.

That would be nice since she was a member of the administration that destroyed the middle class. The least she can do is clean up the mess that President Obama will leave in his wake.

On Monday she climbed in a van and set out on a road trip to Iowa to meet the people on a “listening tour”.

It was supposed to be unscripted events and where people would see the real Hillary.

It has since been reported that at least one if not all of her events have been heavily scripted.

While she shook some hands at a coffee shop in LeClaire, Iowa, the so-called regular folks she sat down with consisted of a young Democratic operative who once drove a car in Vice President Biden’s motorcade, a member of the College Democrats and an employee of Planned Parenthood.

Before they sat down with Her Majesty they were vetted of course by the campaign.

Can’t have any unscripted moments at an unscripted event!

Hillary has said she wants to fight for those who have been left behind in this economy.

For instance she wants college kids to get relief from the student loans they are saddled with to pay for a degree in Ethnic Studies that is virtually worthless in seeking gainful employment. 

Perhaps she could start by returning the exorbitant fees she charged universities and colleges to hear her give a 20 minute speech that was like a Seinfeld episode-about nothing.

And while decrying the 1% and their accumulated wealth she conveniently leaves herself and her family out of the conversation while she cashes the checks from her Wall Street puppet masters.

Then after a few weeks among the great unwashed she will emerge give a big speech and say, “I have spoken with the American people and here is what they told me they want”.

She might be shocked to find out that what at least half of the country doesn’t want is her.

So here is your Cowboy Wisdom for the Week.

“It don’t take a genius to spot a goat in a flock of sheep”.

The American people can spot a phony by a country mile.

A goat is a goat and hanging out with the sheep don’t make you one.

And the sheep are getting’ smarter everyday and its getting’ tougher and tougher to pull the wool over their eyes.