2016: The Battle for the Everyday American's Vote

Saturday, May 16, 2015
by Patrick Dorinson

Even though the actual 2016 election is still 18 months away the GOP politicians who wish to succeed Barack Obama as president are already in full campaign mode.

Each prospective candidate aided by an army of consultants is trying to figure out that magic formula that will carry them to the nomination.

In this election cycle with the divide between the haves and have nots growing and a middle class that is shrinking all the candidates are trotting out their populist credentials to demonstrate that they are just one of the folks.

They all have some kind of “log cabin” story where they tell of the hardships they had growing up, their immigrant family’s perseverance and how they shop at Kohls or Walmart.

At this point in what will be a long and at times nauseating campaign, humility and authenticity and telling a compelling personal story are more important than policy positions. There will be plenty of time to dissect issues in the coming months but many of these candidates need to first introduce themselves to the American people.

While party activists might know a great deal about the horses in the race, for many who don’t live and breathe politics their first impressions are being formed right now and in a large field one misstep can be costly if not fatal.

Just ask Jeb Bush who spent a whole week giving multiple answers to a simple question on the Iraq War.

Not to be outdone that good ole down home everyday American Hillary Clinton is also working on her ‘aw shucks I’m just a country girl from the Chicago suburbs’  caricature to try to fool the people that she is one of them.

So far it ain’t workin’.

It’s mighty tough to claim a regular folk’s persona when you have two mansions and a bank account swollen with tribute from those crony capitalists who are hedging their bets that you become president so they can reap even more riches.

And with the Clinton Foundation’s shady dealings front and center her job to convince the American people that she is one of them is that much tougher.

But Hillary Clinton has perfected the politician’s version of the successful “rope a dope” boxing strategy employed by Muhammad Ali in his fight against George Foreman over 40 years ago.

What Ali did in the Rumble in the Jungle was to lay against the ropes in a defensive posture as Foreman threw punch after punch. But eventually just as Ali’s corner had predicted Foreman punched himself out leading to Ali’s comeback and victory.

Hillary Clinton is hoping to do the same thing.

She is avoiding the punches of the media and not answering questions hoping she can outlast them and then they will move on to something else.

In fact she is counting on their short attention spans to salvage what is already a damaged campaign.

But her lies and her phony and shallow attempt to try to recreate her husband’s ‘I feel your pain’ campaign of 1992 will eventually catch up with her.

So here is your Cowboy Wisdom for the Week and it is a word to the wise on both sides of the aisle.

“The American people are tired of liars and people who pretend to be something they’re not”.

I couldn’t agree more with this statement and let’s hope the voters remember this come Election Day 2016.

Oh and you want to know who said this?

It was none other than Hillary Rodham Clinton over 20 years ago.