Gifts for Iran

Saturday, July 18, 2015
by Patrick Dorinson

In the Muslim world yesterday was the end of the month long Ramadan celebrations.

Ramadan is one of the holiest times for Muslims since it was the month when Allah revealed the Koran to the Prophet Muhammad.

The holiday is marked by reflection on the past year much prayer and spiritual renewal as well as day-long fasting.

Ramadan ended yesterday and today is the holiday of Eid.

During this time there is much celebration and one of the traditions is the exchanging of gifts.

Well for the Iranians Eid came early this year.

On Monday President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry gave the mullahs and a whole bunch of gifts.

When the deal was announced the Iranian negotiators could barely keep from laughing out loud at how they snookered the Americans and the gullible Europeans.

On second thought, looking at the pictures of the assembled diplomats they were laughing out loud.

Let’s unwrap the gifts Obama presented the Ayatollah Khameni and the Quds Force who have the blood of Americans on their hands.

They get to keep their nuclear program and will be able to build a weapon in months not years when they chose to do so. Forget all the assurances from President Obama about “cutting off all pathways to a bomb”.

That is pure fantasy.

The Iranians are on their own schedule not the schedule of a lame duck president who just handed his successor a hand grenade of an issue with the pin already pulled.

They will have all the sanctions soon lifted by the UN. Again forget all the cattle crap of phased out sanctions.

The French, British, German, Russian and Chinese businessmen and even Americans are already booking flights to Tehran to begin peddling their wares to a populace hungry for consumer goods.

Call it trading iphones for atoms.

They will be subject to inspections of their nuclear facilities but the witless West agreed to an inspections regime that allows the Iranians veto power over what will be inspected and time to hide things. Oh and there will be no American inspectors.

They will also have the arms embargo that has restricted imports of conventional weapons to Iran lifted in five years. But the Russians and Chinese want it lifted sooner so they can start selling weapons to the Ayatollahs.

They ain’t gonna wait five years. The Russians need the money now. And they have veto power in the toothless UN Security Council to make it happen.

And Obama will do nothing that might queer the nuclear deal so he will bow to their demands.

Finally, the fate of 4 American citizens is now left to the mercy of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and the murderous mullahs.

Pray for them.

Soon the Congress will have their say on this issue although there is nothing they can do to stop it.

Because they have rendered themselves just as toothless as the UN.

Oh they will voice their displeasure and grill Secretary Kerry and the other Administration officials in televised hearings. But that will just be theater for the masses and fodder for cable news gabfests.

My prediction is that members of both parties will vote against the deal in large numbers and President Obama will make good on his threat to veto their disapproval legislation.

When it comes time to override that veto Republicans will probably stand firm but the weasel Democrats, some of whom will have voted against the deal the first time will let the president’s veto stand.

They will then be able to tell voters, “I said no before I said yes”.

But the Democrats will own this just like they own Obamacare.

They will live to regret their decision and it won’t take ten years for the consequences to kick in.

So here is your Cowboy Wisdom for the Week.

“Never drop your gun to hug a grizzly bear”.

I can’t say it any plainer.

And if the Western powers think this is the end they are naïve at best.

The Russians, Chinese and Iranians know this is only the beginning.