A Tisket-a-Tasket Hillary’s Deplorable Basket

Saturday, September 10, 2016
by Patrick Dorinson

Last night Hillary Clinton was in New York for a gala fundraiser. Dowager Empress of Hollywood liberalism Barbara Streisand even stopped by to sing a song.

The whole room was full of the elite of the elite most of who probably just returned from their exhaustive vacations on Martha’s Vineyard or the Hamptons where this particular basket of Americans prefers to “summer”.

Using “summer” as a verb tells you all you need to know about these folks.

The “basket of deplorables” Hillary referred to are those voters who support Donald Trump and who have all kinds of “isms” and “phobias”.

She attempted to say that she understands that there are some of his supporters who have anxiety about America and that the room full of the liberal elite need to try to understand how they feel.

I think the second condescending comment was worse than the first.

If you use your official Hillary Clinton Decoder Ring that translates her words from politicalese into English, you can figure out what she really meant.

She meant that the bumpkins were just too stupid to know what is good for them and that they must be brought to heel forced to accept her and her party’s view of the world no matter how much it trampled on their freedoms and faith.

Hillary Clinton may have been on the Board of Directors for Walmart but I seriously doubt she has ever set foot in one and watched Americans try and stretch their dollars as prices have gone up but wages have remained stagnant.

And I’ll bet dollars to doughnuts that no one in that crowd really understands what is happening beyond the Hudson and the Potomac.

It is much more fun to scoff at the people in flyover country and laugh at them while sipping on champagne and devouring caviar.

But one of the great things about America is that the billionaire only gets one vote just like the miner or mechanic.

And there are a lot more miners and mechanics than there are billionaires.

This is what strikes fear into the establishment the most.

That despite all the liberal claptrap in the media and that same media working overtime to put Hillary Clinton in the White House, the people have other ideas.

This was bound to happen as years ago folks wised up and thanks to the internet and more media outlets they now are not prisoners of the TV networks and major newspapers as they select their own news sources.

Hillary’s comments last night was not a gaffe. It is exactly how she feels about average hard working Americans.

And  as she sulks in Chapaqua after she loses to Donald Trump in November, she will come to look back on last night with great regret just like Mitt Romney did when he made his 47% comment in 2012.

So here is your Cowboy Wisdom for the Week.

“When you give a lesson in meanness to a critter or person, don’t be surprised if they learn their lesson”.

Hillary’s speech last night was a lesson in meanness against people she doesn’t know and doesn’t really care for.

She based her “analysis” on distorted media reports of the crowds at Trump’s events as told to her by her staff.

Lesson delivered. Lesson learned. Enjoy retirement Hillary.