Poking the Bear

Sunday, January 29, 2017
by Patrick Dorinson

The state of California derives its name from a popular 16th Century Spanish novel about an island paradise off the coast of Asia that was inhabited by a race of black women armed with golden weapons because gold was the only metal on the island. There were no men which I am sure would please California’s modern day feminists.

A Spanish expedition in 1533 landed in what is today Baja California and gave the name ‘California’ to that region as they thought it was an island like the place from the novel.

As exploration continued up the coast finally reaching the present day state, it became Alta or “upper” California to contrast it with Baja or “lower” California.

Eventually it was shortened to just California.

Since the election of President Trump liberal Californians and the Democrat politicians they support have been rending their garments and wailing about the dark days that will soon befall the Golden State.

They have vowed defiance of the federal government on immigration and environmental regulations but still want all the federal dollars that account for about 25% of the state’s annual budget.

But there are some who favor not just defiance of federal law but a dissolution of the marriage between the state and the rest of the United States.

They want California to declare independence and become a separate nation that is based on California values whatever that means. I was born and raised here and I don’t have any idea what that means.

In their arrogance they say that they are tired of California tax dollars supporting the poor backward states.

And while California sends a large amount of tax dollars to Washington, we also depend on federal dollars to pay for one quarter of our budget.

If these rebels were successful where would that money come from?

Under Obamacare California generously increased its Medicaid rolls which is subsidized in part by money from Washington, but under an independent California that money would dry up.

Like other states California also receives money to build infrastructure like flood prevention and water systems to say nothing of the federal highways located in our state.

So if that money goes away where will it come from?

California also has 11 military bases and 13 national parks that include the majestic Yosemite.

Do these folks think that Washington would just voluntarily give them to this new country? And where would the money come from to purchase and maintain all this real estate?

Fortunately this pipedream is as real as the California in that 16th Century Spanish novel.

But short of independence, California’s grandstanding politicians have clearly stated that they will defy any federal law that they don’t like or agree with.

And their contempt for the Constitution knows no bounds. To that end the Democrat controlled Legislature hired former Attorney General Eric Holder to fight the federal government which seems fitting since Holder himself has little use for the Constitution as demonstrated by his tenure at the Justice Department.

Now not all Californians are in favor of the radical agenda of Coastal Urban California and that includes the 4.5 million who voted for Donald Trump.

However many of us live in rural California so as with every other issue of consequence our views don’t count and we are to be dismissed as rednecks and rubes.

But like all Californians our tax dollars will pay carpetbagger Eric Holder and fund this ridiculous resistance that will do nothing to address our very serious problems and quite possibly exacerbate them.

For the California coastal elites, Hollywood thespians and Silicon Valley sultans the political shoe is now on the other foot and they don’t like the fit.

Now they know how Utah felt when President Obama federalized a big chunk of their state closing it off to economic development forever.

Now they know how more conservative parts of America felt when they were told by the federal government that in order to get federal education dollars they would have to follow Washington rules about which bathroom their school children must use or what food they should eat at lunchtime.

And now they know how other states felt when Obama’s EPA issued draconian regulations that killed their jobs and put their citizens in the unemployment line.

In response to the perceived threats from the new administration, the California Legislature, big city mayors and local government officials have decided that they will “poke the bear” who in this case is President Trump.

But when you poke the bear you better be ready for the consequences.

And being there ain’t any bears in LA or San Francisco and the only one they are familiar with is on the state flag, I don’t think they know what they are getting into.

So here is your Cowboy Wisdom for the Week.

“When your head’s in the bear’s mouth it’s not the time to be smacking him on the nose and calling him names”.

California politicos haven’t just poked the bear their head is in his mouth.

But he hasn’t yet clamped down with the power of the federal government as teeth and there is still time to extricate themselves from their stupidity before he does.

My guess is they will double down and keep smacking him on the nose and calling him names.

The headache my state will receive when he does clamp down will affect all Californians not just the pompous pandering pusillanimous politicians.

And that’s gonna leave a lasting mark.