Worryin’ and Workin’

Saturday, March 18, 2017
by Patrick Dorinson

In all my born days I have never seen a bigger bunch of Nervous Nellies than the Republicans in Congress.

When it comes to passing the agenda they have been running on since at least 2010, they are as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.

And they don’t even have any tails to worry about.

As soon as the GOP leadership released their plan to repeal and replace Obamacare and the legacy media and Democrats started to attack it as a cold heartless plan that would kill millions of Americans, many in the Republican caucus in the House and Senate went “wobbly” to paraphrase Margaret Thatcher.

And some have not just gone “wobbly” but have said that they can’t vote for the plan that is on the table hoping to curry favor from the media and Washington establishment.

Now there are two types of nervous Republicans.

There are the purists of the Freedom Caucus who believe that the plan is a betrayal to the conservative base and fear an electoral backlash.

Then there are the usual suspects like Susan Collins and Lindsey Graham who are afraid of losing their membership in the Washington Club of Elitists.

Here’s a message to both these groups of weak-kneed Republicans.

The media’s poll numbers are worse than yours and the Washington establishment’s opinion doesn’t mean a hill of beans to the American people.

Now that doesn’t mean that the replacement is perfect as is and doesn’t need work. It most certainly does.

And don’t mistake President Trump’s current support for total acceptance of the bill that has been produced.

But the President is not about to trash the bill that was introduced and start from scratch undercutting the Speaker whom he will need to pass tax reform.

He knows that the best course is to cajole members publicly and work behind the scenes privately to make the final result something that can gain majority support.

He has wisely not endorsed specifics and the only thing he has tweeted is that in the end it will be a “beautiful picture”.

It’s called the art of the deal in case you forgot who is President.

One of the problems today is that as soon as a new proposal emerges from the Hill or the White House cable news assembles a group of so-called Washington experts and consultants, pollsters and soothsayers-and my personal favorite the assorted ‘strategists’-to give their exalted opinion.

They then proceed to pontificate and bloviate that the new proposal doesn’t have a snowballs chance in Hell of passing and if it does the results will be a catastrophe of biblical proportions not seen since the Great Flood.

The President’s budget released this week is a perfect example of this phenomenon.

As it was made public, you could hear the cries of those whose oxen were going to be gored.

What will we do without NPR and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting liberals screamed?

Are you serious?

In the world of today there are literally hundreds of TV channels where you can get information and entertainment.

Why should taxpayers fund either one of these entities anymore and subsidize viewpoints they might not agree with?

If they want to survive they should ask George Soros or other rich liberals like Mark Zuckerberg to fund them.

And as the pundits and panels of experts and even some Republicans trashed his budget, I’ll bet that President Trump was gleefully watching them rend their garments and wail about the catastrophe that will befall America if this budget passes. 

Yes another catastrophe! It’s their favorite word.

However the President’s budget was an opening bid and it was meant to shock the political class and the bureaucratic apparatus that supports it.

Judging by their reaction it was a rousing success.

In one day President Trump served notice that things will be different from now on and no sacred cow roaming the streets of Washington is safe from a trip to the slaughterhouse.

And yet the nervous Nellies of the Republican Party are worried that if they follow the President they will be voted out of office.

In fact they seem to be more worried about their future than the future of the great continuing experiment called America.

But they will have plenty of time to keep worrying since they are only going to be working eight days in April.

So here is your Cowboy Wisdom for the Week.

“Work less at worryin’ and more at workin’.

Worrying about what might happen is a waste of time and every day that goes by without any action on your agenda is one you can’t get back.

You have a President who is a real leader and has the support of the people that count.

In the minds of those folks you are joined at the hip and you will rise or fall together.

And if you think you can survive if you go your own way and distance yourself from President Trump you are too dumb to be a member of Congress.

So stop worrying, pull up your Wranglers and get to work dang it!

You’re burnin’ daylight.