Little Frankensteins Turn on Their Creators

Saturday, April 29, 2017
by Patrick Dorinson

In 1964 the University of California’s flagship campus at Berkeley was the birthplace of what was to become known as the “free speech” movement.

It began when students, many of whom were active in the civil rights movement and had recently been in the Deep South registering voters during Freedom Summer, set up tables to hand out information on their cause in Sproul Plaza at the center of campus.

But in the Berkeley of 1964 that was against university policy.

In 2017 on any given day there are tables set up where students hand out information espousing any number of political causes and social issues and Sproul Plaza is ground zero for protests.

There were demonstrations and sit-ins protesting the limits on speech.

Eventually the University relented and a new policy emerged that allowed political activity in Sproul Plaza that included the information tables that had started the whole controversy in the first place.

But the new policy was not limited to just allowing the free speech of the left-leaning elements that had started the movement. It included all speech right or left. Period.

However this incident established UC Berkeley is the epicenter of demonstrations and even riots as the free speech movement morphed into the anti-war movement as the Vietnam War escalated.

Today Berkeley is once again ground zero in a movement that affects the issue of free speech.

Only this time the students are protesting against free speech or should I say they are protesting against conservative speech or any other speech they don’t agree with that might do harm to their fragile psyches or hurt their feelings.

It extends beyond the streets of Berkeley and it festers in other university towns across the country.

And it is not just about free speech anymore.

Students are demanding that they not be subjected to what they consider “hate speech”.

At Stanford, students are demanding they not be required to take a course in Western Civilization lest they be forced to learn about the racists who colonized the world and enslaved millions all in the service of greed-their interpretation of history certainly not mine.

At Yale, graduate students are holding a hunger strike until their demands of healthcare and other union benefits despite the fact they are paid a $30,000 annual stipend and their $40,000 tuition is paid by the university.

However the hunger strike is symbolic since students are told they can eat when the hunger gets unbearable. Gandhis they ain’t.

At the University of California Davis, the student senate is voting to make it optional to display the American flag at their meetings because “the concept of the United States and patriotism is different for every individual” and that it shouldn’t be compulsory to display the flag.

Tell that to the veterans of Iwo Jima who witnessed the flag being raised atop Mt. Suribachi and to those who didn’t make it home and never had the opportunity to attend universities like Stanford, Berkeley, Yale and Davis.

And what do the administrators who are supposed to be the adults running these institutions do?

They curl up in the fetal position and give in to these ridiculous demands all in the name of diversity and other twaddle that has infected universities like a cancer.

And like many of the parents of the ‘everyone gets a trophy self-esteem generation’ they keep giving in because standing up and saying “NO” would require them to actually be the adult authority figures they are paid to be.

But that should be expected since many of these same said administrators were once the demonstrators in Sproul Plaza at Berkeley and other colleges and universities back in the 60s demanding free speech.

The baby boomers who took to the streets 50 years ago now run the universities.

They infiltrated academia a long time ago as professors and administrators in the hopes of developing a new generation of liberal socialist robots to take their place on the barricades as a new wave of social justice warriors.

It was their way of seeking eternal life secularly since religion is relic of a racist, transphobic, misogynist and bourgeois society.

But something happened on the road to the Utopia they dreamed of.

Let me explain.

In her book “Frankenstein” Mary Shelley wrote about a Doctor Victor Frankenstein who tried to create life from dead bodies which he stitched together into an ungodly creature.

Dr. Frankenstein said, “A new species would bless me as its creator and source and many happy and excellent natures would owe their being to me”.

This is exactly what the Boomer teachers and professors have tried to do with the mushy brains that have been entrusted to them by parents.

They believed that they could shape these minds into thinking just like them.

But like Dr. Frankenstein their experiment has gone haywire.

The little Frankensteins they have created, just like the original, are turning on their masters going far beyond what was intended.

When conservative columnist Ann Coulter was being bullied into not attending a planned speech at Berkeley, even their heroes aging Aquarians Bernie Sanders and former Harvard professor Elizabeth Warren chastised the students and said they should be open to all forms of speech.

However even their chastisement was tepid lest the students end up at a sit-in in their Senate offices.

But their creations are having none of it as they continue their jihad against the most basic tenet of our society, the First Amendment.

The little Frankensteins are now loose from the laboratory and they are running amuck terrorizing villages and the countryside just like in Shelley’s novel.

It is long past time for the villagers to grab the torches and pitchforks and say enough is enough.

So here is your Cowboy Wisdom for the Week and it comes from the Book of Proverbs.

“Those who spare the rod of discipline hate their children. Those who love their children care enough to discipline them”.

There are many great kids and parents who love them enough to use old fashioned discipline in America.

Discipline is not all about spanking although administered judiciously it can be an effective tool.

The rod is a metaphor for training children to live in a society and by a code of behavior that will allow them to interact with others and be a successful contributing member of that society.

And parental discipline should lead to self-discipline which will be critical as children grow and need to make important decisions on their own.

By sparing the rod, we have created a generation of children who when confronted by reality throw a tantrum and demand they be catered to as evidenced by their antics on our college campuses.

Parents who don’t discipline have done their children no favors.

The real world’s discipline will be much harsher.