The Enablers

Saturday, October 28, 2017
by Patrick Dorinson

The epidemic of sexual harassment accusations against the privileged and powerful has reached into another industry as MSNBC political sage Mark Halperin has admitted to “inappropriate behavior” earlier in his career when he was political director for ABC News.

The term “inappropriate behavior” has become the politically correct way that sexist scoundrels and perverted power brokers describe their lechery as they make excuses for assaulting the powerless to satisfy their seemingly insatiable lust and deviant depravity.

Inappropriate behavior is when you use the wrong fork at fancy banquet or wear white after Labor Day.

What these men have done is nothing more than sexual assault-verbal and physical.

To rid themselves of their horrible addiction to “inappropriate behavior” they trot off to rehab and Dr. Phil type counseling which has become the Lourdes for the well off when trying “cope” with the aforementioned addiction. It is here where they are miraculously cured of their afflictions. Hallelujah!

All this is followed by a book deal and media tour where their only thought is to rehab their careers.

But the worst offenders in this well deserved unraveling of the upper class are those who enabled this “inappropriate behavior” for lo these many years.

First and foremost are the so-called icons of the feminist movement like Gloria Steinem who sold out the sisterhood to protect Bill Clinton during the dark days of the Lewinsky Affair.

But the person she was really protecting was not that randy old hound dog Bill but his wife Hillary because feminists needed to rally around Ms. Rodham thereby preserving her viability to become the first female in the Oval Office.

What does it matter if you have to sacrifice a young star struck woman on the altar of feminism for the greater good?

Or as Hillary herself might say, “What difference does it make?”

Another of the worst offenders is James Carville who back in the 90s famously said about Paula Jones who had accused Bill Clinton of unwanted sexual advances when he was Governor of Arkansas. “Drag a hundred dollars through a trailer park and there’s no telling what you’ll find”.

It was easy to dismiss Paula Jones as low class white trash because it played right into the narrative that had taken over the Democratic Party and liberalism that the meek and working class would not inherit the earth only those with fancy degrees and trust funds would.

No wonder they missed the Trump revolution by a country mile.

But in my mind the worst of the worst is the mainstream media who not only gave Bill Clinton a pass even when he loudly lied into the camera about not having sex with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky. In fact they used the rope furnished by the Clinton spin machine and led the lynch mob against her.

Not only did they grant him absolution for his manifold sexual sins they destroyed her so as not to upset the future coronation of their Joan of Arc, Saint Hillary.

But the media cut their teeth in the Paula Jones case and by the time Monica showed up they had perfected their dark arts of character assassination to the point where she never stood a chance of being portrayed as the victim as she should have been.

Like Paula she was the floozy and even Hillary piled on calling her in private a “narcissistic loony toon”.

And not one feminist spoke out in her defense and they let her public crucifixion go forward. They were shameless. That is if they even know the meaning of shame.

 In 1997 when all this was going on and impeachment was in the air in Washington, one of the greatest columnist’s in American history, Mike Royko, who wrote for many Chicago newspapers took the media to task in how they treated Paula Jones and their elitist attitudes of those who really did live in trailer parks.

Royko was an old fashioned journalist who didn’t graduate from an Ivy League university or attend a fancy journalism school. In fact he never went to college.

He came from a working class background and his parents were of Polish and Ukrainian descent, the kind who worked in factories and lived in the shadow of them.

Like many of his era in journalism he worked his way up covering local politics and the crime beat hanging out in police stations and learning the basics of seat of the pants reporting that today’s reporters have never heard of. The “who, what, why when, where” of a story was what was important not the opinion of the writer.

And he didn’t get his job because his father or mother was a member of the elitist tribe.

In January 1997 he wrote a column that exposed the Washington media complex for what they were.

Mike called them “media elite” long before Fox News or Rush Limbaugh did and he called the members of the mainstream media brigade as “willing, even eager participants in the kick Paula campaign”.

Royko was right then and in fact he was a prophet.

Interestingly, while this entire media trashing of Paula and Monica was going on in 1997 one Mark Halperin was the political director for ABC News.

And it was during this period that many women courageously came forward this week and accused him of “inappropriate behavior” that would make even Bill Clinton blush-or maybe not.

And up until now he got a pass just like the old Billy Goat.

 So here is your Cowboy Wisdom for the Week.

“Character is how you act when no one is looking”.

And that goes for the powerful perverts and those that enable them.

When feminism and the media stood down and gave Bill Clinton a pass they emboldened the Harvey Weinsteins and Mark Halperins of the world into believing that they could do whatever the Hell they wanted and would never pay a price.

To them the concept of character is as old fashioned as the horse and buggy.

Well, the bill has come due for their lack of character and the creditors are the ordinary folks of this country who have had enough of the moral preaching from Hollywood and the New York and Washington hypocrites.

And they are about to collect with interest.